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ASECL regards all our suppliers as highly important partners. We are dedicated to pursuing a win-win situation and encourage mutual beneficial development and sustainability.

Supplier’s Report Hotline
Business conduct between ASECL and suppliers shall be fully compliant with applicable laws, regulations and ethics. For the purpose of enhancing communication transparency, if you are aware of anything in connection with ASECL's procurement team which may violate of laws or integrity policy, please report to us directly. Any information with regard to such matter reported by suppliers will be made anonymously and kept strictly confidential by ASECL.

If you are aware of any ASECL's employees involved in the matters below, please report to ASECL:

1. Employees and their family members receive commissions or any other improper personal benefits from ASECL’s suppliers.

2. By using their own position, employees accept bribery and conduct activities to benefit suppliers.

3. Employees ask suppliers to provide any services not related to procurement.

4. Employees do not comply with ASECL's policy for fairly conducting ASECL's procurement.

ASECL truly appreciate your cooperation on the above and is looking forward to growing together and creating a win-win business with our suppliers.

ASECL Hot-line should not answer any unrelated mail especially advertisement.

Address: 550,Chung-Hwa Road, Section 1
Chung-Li, 320, Taiwan, R.O.C
Main Line: +886-3-452-7121

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